We exist to equip young people to develop a deeper relationship with Christ, encourage uplifting relationships with other Christians, and empower life-changing relationships with non-believers.


In partnership with families, the youth ministry of The Upper room Of prayer Church  exists to engage 100% of the students under its care, to train them to live independently in Christ, and to send them out as exceptional, Godly men and women of integrity who will transform their homes, their schools, their churches, their workplaces, and their world for our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

The youth ministry of The Upper Room of Prayer Church is an engaging and welcoming community for all youths and their friends our aim is to ;

Surround youth with an unconditional love that fosters genuine relationships,
 Anchors them in the joys and traditions of the Christian faith,
Energizes and equip them to extend the love of Jesus Christ to the world.


Our Children’s Ministry primary Goal is to bring children into age-appropriate WORSHIP where they can BELONG to the family of God, GROW in their relationship with Christ, learn to SERVE and then go SHARE Christ in the world!

  • Building relationships with God and young people
  • Engaging young people with God
  • Connecting with youth in an appropriate way, so they understand God is relevant to them today.
  • Enabling today’s youth to be tomorrow’s Christian leaders
  • Planting seeds of discipleship to grow great Christians
  • Preaching, teaching, leading, and living the Christian life to excite and inspire young people.
  • Fishing them to be fishers of men
  • Impacting young people through the message of the Bible to create young men and women who love Jesus
  • Using all appropriate methods to excite, inspire, capture and ignite young people for Jesus
  • To enable young people to understand and recognize who Jesus is, and what it is to live for Him only.
  • Bringing the contemporary message of Christianity to today’s youth
  • Building solid Christians on the foundation of The Solid Rock.

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