Dear Valued  Members of Upper Room Of Prayer & Attendees,

As the community and the people we serve changes with the advancement of technology, we here at The Upper Room Of Prayer are deploying innovative and technical solutions to meet the growing needs and methods of reaching our members. One way of doing this is to upgrade our website with relevant and up-to-date information to help guide and serve you better. We encourage you to stay connected with the church and its ministries not only on this website, but also via the many ministry events held throughout the year.

With our updated web presence, you can fill out prayer request cards, register and pay for ministry events, and even give your tithes and offering electronically. We are thus streamlining processes while simultaneously giving you access to your own records. It enables us to better share information with you pertaining to ministry events allow us to effectively connect each ministry to other ministries laterally, while efficiently requesting assistance from leadership as needed.

It is our sincere desire to see our members grow spiritually, for as you grow individually so our church matures collectively. This presents us with the challenge to ensure that we are serving you in practical ways today and making plans to better serve you in the future.


The Upper Room Of Prayer .